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Yes, I know I haven't posted here much beyond my tweets, but I've been so damn busy running around this year, LJ kinda fell by the wayside....but, I also found my old list I posted here 5 years ago, dusted it off and updated it. Here ya'll go:
100 Things About Me…some you know, some you don’t
1. I was born December 30th in Baltimore, Maryland
2. I have one little brother, Michael
3. I'm an amateur web designer; been doing it now for 15 years
4. Roses are my favorite flowers; my mother was more into carnations, so my grandmother would give her rose cuttings to me
5. I'm bisexual; I prefer guys to girls, though
6. I love chocolate, especially Godiva and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
7. I have a really bad sweet tooth…see above
8. I love to read erotica, especially literotica.com or mcstories.com
9. I don't like blueberries much, except in blueberry muffins
10. I had the chicken pox in middle school; it took my kid brother getting it twice before I got it
11. I broke my lower left arm, and dislocated my elbow (for 24 hours) when I was 11- only bone I’ve ever broken in my life
12. I got kicked out of a Christian college because I was having sex with my boyfriend at the time
13. I lost my virginity when I was 19; that ex is now married with a kid
14. I like classical music, especially Mozart and Beethoven
15. I don't like rap or much R&B
16. My favorite colors are dark red and dark blue
17. My favorite drink is single malt scotch on the rocks
18. When they were on, I loved watching Angel and Star Trek
19. I like forensic science shows like CSI and Forensic Files
20. I prefer intelligence to good looks in the men or women I'm interested in
21. I pretty much handcode all my sites except for the phpFanbase stuff
22. I have only had two serious relationships in my life so far
23. I have a bit of a sarcastic streak
24. I love to read mysteries and romances
25. I can't stand Tom Cruise; I think he's a fucking idiot
26. I love to read Stephen King and J.D. Robb books
27. I love 80s music and modern rock, as well as some modern country
28. I have seen Phantom of the Opera at the Performing Arts Center three times
29. I root for the Orioles, Redskins, and Ravens
30. I'm not good with pain at all…pain during sex doesn’t count
31. My first concert was a Brooks & Dunn concert at Nissan Pavilion that my dad took me to when I was 17
32. I had my two front teeth knocked out in third grade when another student tripped me up on the way to gym class…didn’t finish getting them fixed until this year
33. I love Shiraz, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc wines, especially the Australian and New Zealand ones
34. I own more makeup than I know what to do with
35. I have blue-green eyes
36. I love to play Monopoly or Scrabble
37. My favorite movies are Labyrinth and Dogma
38. My favorite food as a kid was pizza
39. I love sushi, especially salmon and tuna
40. I played the clarinet in school for two years
41. My favorite actors are Sean Connery, Jeffery Donovan, Tim Roth and Hugh Laurie
42. My favorite actresses are Scarlett Johannsen, Kiera Knightly and Angelina Jolie
43. I love going to Renaissance Festivals
44. I once broke a bathroom sink at a gas station while having sex
45. My favorite subjects in school were history and politics
46. I love peaches and strawberries
47. I prefer redheads or brunettes when it comes to women
48. I like to play Spades, Gin Rummy, and Canasta
49. My favorite desserts are creme brulee, german chocolate cake and key lime pie
50. My favorite perfumes are Cool Water, Ralph Lauren’s Hot, and Guess by Marciano
51. I bite my nails...a lot
52. I don’t mind things such as worms or bugs, but I absolutely cannot STAND spiders
53. My paternal grandfather died when I was three; my maternal grandfather died four years ago
54. I love coffee, especially Hazelnut or Irish Crème
55. My favorite sport in college was volleyball
56. I was on the school newspaper in high school and the yearbook in college
57. My favorite kind of car is a Mustang
58. My favorite puzzles to do are logic problems, crosswords and anagrams
59. I would love to visit the following places at some point: Britain, Ireland, Italy, Australia, the Caribbean (not too picky there) and Japan
60. My heritage is English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Ukranian Jew (also known as mutt)!
61. My father's grandfather originally came to the States from Dnieperpetrovsk, Ukraine
62. I'm not always the best in social situations…I usually sit there and shut up unless I have something to add to the conversation
63. I didn't get contact lenses to replace my glasses until I was 19
64. I am more of a conservative than a liberal
65. I was brought up Christian, but consider myself more Pagan/Wiccan now
66. I love Boston Market Brownies and McDonald’s apple pies
67. My favorite chain restaurants are Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Carabba’s
68. I love Utz potato chips, though I can only get them when I’m back home visiting
69. My favorite artists include Theory of a Deadman, Nickelback, Phil Collins, and Martina McBride
70. My favorite month of the year while I'm in Florida is October
71. Spring is my favorite time of year
72. I know how to shoot center mass on a target with five different calibers of guns
73. My favorite pet growing up was my cat named Shadow; we had to have him put to sleep six months before I graduated high school
74. The first boy I kissed was a deacon’s son by the name of Randon
75. I prefer Pepsi products to Coke products
76. My favorite cheeses are Swiss and Sharp Cheddar
77. My favorite holiday is Christmas
78. I’ve been writing fanfiction since I was in high school…my better ones I’ve posted to tthfanfic.org
79. Besides the clarinet, I also know how to play the piano
80. I’ve never been a fan of mushrooms, brussel sprouts or guacamole
81. On my days off, I prefer to lounge around in jeans and a t shirt, no makeup on and hair up in a ponytail
82. In my opinion, my grandfather made the best apple pies from the tree he had in his backyard
83. The only kind of porn I like to watch regularly is hentai
84. I have seven cousins between both sides of the family…of those, I have 3 second cousins as well…well, almost- #3’s due any week now
85. I’ve only had my house broken into once in my life, but it’s scared me so badly- it makes me a little paranoid when I travel
86. I don’t exercise anywhere near as much as I should
87. I’m a little kinkier than people expect me to be
88. I tried to run away once when I was in middle school- it only lasted for a couple of hours before some nice neighbor brought me home from hiding out at the park
89. I’ve only been suicidal once in my life- junior year of high school- but thought it would be too much trouble for me to try taking all those pills
90. My favorite jewels are blue topazes, garnets, hematite and sapphires; diamonds are better suited for accents
91. I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid twice in my life but never managed to get to the wedding- once the bride cancelled and the other one put it on my birthday and refused to change it, so I bowed out of the wedding
92. I like to play games on pogo.com when I’m not playing the Diner Dash series and offshoots on my computer
93. I have plans to get one tattoo on the back on my neck and it be my only one; it’ll have a traced outline of my claddagh with an grá thar gach rud eile (love above all else) underneath
94. I can speak/read/write English, some Spanish, some Latin and some Biblical Greek. I would love to learn to speak Gaelic, Italian and Russian
95. I’m a sucker for good backrubs…footrubs too; I enjoy giving them too
96. I like nothing better on a rainy day to either curl up alone with a good book or curl up with someone special and watch a movie
97. My only sexual fantasy I have yet to be able to try is having sex on a pool table…in public being optional
98. I want to be able to eventually take a vacation down by the beach and not have to worry about anything except whether I feel like tanning, snorkeling or getting drunk for about two weeks’ time
99. I skipped out of going to recess when I was in 6th grade. I spent all year reading to a class of first graders
100. I’ve gone snorkeling down in Key West, but I really want to be able to get my scuba certification eventually



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Apr. 15th, 2011 12:10 pm (UTC)
hello, I sent an email to you about this post, its not coming thru for me. Can you connect with me when you get a chance.

Apr. 15th, 2011 08:09 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm sorry you haven't been able to contact me- my main email is christy@clubchristywild.com
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