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more of my daily chaos

  • 03:16 Your emotions aren't easily expressed now through established ... More for Capricorn twittascope.com/?sign=10 #
  • 15:39 @EvelynRose well, will have to be in a couple weeks or so when I get back from Nebraska...shoul;d be back in time for Fetish Con tho #
  • 15:40 @Spalding7656 no, not really...had a nice 2 hr nap on the drive from Omaha to Elm Creek then got all organized and went to work last night #
  • 15:42 @Jimbo_rd actually, to be perfectly honest, it varies...I have a few really good ideas, some from experience an
    d some from erotica I've read #
  • 15:44 Had breakfast with Ken, Kayla and the cats....pretty decent night last night for a monday...just wish I hadn't woken up w/a sinus headach #
  • 16:04 Q about Music: Do you know/like 30 seconds to mars? A: yes, they're a pretty good band www.society.me/q/1229060/view #
  • 16:05 Q about Music: Which type of music do u like the least A: rap and hip hop www.society.me/q/1229073/view #
  • 16:05 Q about Music: Is Twitter boring to u?? A: nope- I keep finding new and interesting people/comments on www.society.me/q/1229078/view #
  • 16:06 Q about Music: I notice you are very "high class". You speak so deeply of things and your taste in musi www.society.me/q/1229091/view #
  • 16:07 Q about Music: Do you like glee? A: nope- not at all...more into dramas, to be honest www.society.me/q/1229107/view #
  • 16:08 Q: Does the idea of someone eating a finger food meal off of your body make you tingle in naughty place www.society.me/q/1229113/view #
  • 16:10 Q about Computers:
    what computer do you have? A: two laptops and a desktop...one lil HP mini for me to www.society.me/q/1229152/view #
  • 16:12 Q about Music: What Would You Do If Josh Franceschi Called To Your House Right NOW :D A: I wouldn't eve www.society.me/q/1229175/view #
  • 16:12 Okay people, enough with the questions on Twilight on my society.me page- I DO NOT LIKE IT, OKAY? #
  • 16:15 Q about Movies: What movie scared you alot that you couldn't sleep?? A: Probably the first Resident E www.society.me/q/1229250/view #
  • 16:16</em> Q about Movies: What was your favorite movie in the 90s? A: don't shoot me for the kiddie choice, but A www.society.me/q/1229256/view #
  • 16:16 Q about Computers: All time favourite game A: Probably the Diner Dash series www.society.me/q/1229259/view #
  • 16:17 Q about Music: Do you like alternative music ? A: oh, definitely...most of my favorite artists are eith www.society.me/q/1229261/view #
  • 18:35 Q about Movies: What is ur twitter name A: twitter.com/christywild www.society.me/q/1230629/view #
  • 18:35 Q about Movies: Which movie is better...Avatar or Eclipse:) A: Avatar, hands down www.society.me/q/1230631/view #
  • 18:54 Havin a great day so far- boss was getting rid of some clothes & shoes, so I've got some new outfits, a new jacket & a kickass pair of boots #
  • 20:30 @indoorgarden_er I have- the food is quite excellent, especially considering his fab gluten-free offerings #

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